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The Concise Book of Muscles

The Concise Book of Muscles
Author: Chris Jarmey
Edition: 2
Binding: Kindle Edition

A clear, simple guide for students of anatomy as well as an excellent resource for athletes, massage therapists, and anyone interested in the workings of the human body, this user-friendly book is organized around six muscle groups. Download The Concise Book of Muscles, Second Edition from rapidshare, mediafire, 4shared. They include muscles of the face head, and neck; the trunk; the shoulder and upper arm; the forearm and hand; the hip and thigh; and the leg and foot. Each of the groups is given a distinctive color to make it easy to identify, and each muscle is shown in its relationship to the skeleton. Each gets a complete profile, including origin/insertion, action of the muscle, which nerve controls it, movements that use it, and exercises and stretches that strengthen it. The Concise Book of Muscles shows students exactly Search and find a lot of medical books in many category availabe for free download. The Concise Book of Muscles medical books pdf for free. The Concise Book of Muscles shows students exactly


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