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Aromatherapy for Women Pdf

Aromatherapy for Women
Author: Maggie Tisserand
Edition: Revised
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 0892816287

Extracted from flowers and herbs, aromatic essential oils have been used for centuries to heal and beautify, offering a gentle yet effective alternative in the treatment of illness, stress, and imbalance. Download Aromatherapy for Women: A Practical Guide to Essential Oils for Health and Beauty from rapidshare, mediafire, 4shared. Maggie Tisserand brings a wealth of practical experience to this book, focusing on women and their particular health and beauty concerns. She shows how the unique properties of specific essences can be used to maintain healthy hair and skin, ease minor complaints, and assist in treating more serious health problems.

The author shares her techniques for enhancing general well-being and sensual satisfaction with massage. She also gives advice on how to use aromatherapy during pregnancy and childbirth, and includes a chapter on remedies Search and find a lot of medical books in many category availabe for free download. Aromatherapy for Women medical books pdf for free. She also gives advice on how to use aromatherapy during pregnancy and childbirth, and includes a chapter on remedies


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